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Products & Solutions

For more than 50 years, AS&E has been helping customers all over the world combat terrorism, drug and weapon smuggling, trade fraud, and illegal immigration.

The reason is simple: AS&E X-ray detection systems give your team crucial and unique advantages, including:

  • A range of superior, proven technologies for the most effective detection of explosives, weapons, illegal drugs, stowaways, and other contraband
  • Capabilities to fit your real-world security requirements for cargo and vehicle inspection
  • Collaborative system installation and implementation with best-in-class service and support with local coverage worldwide


From high-threat facilities to high-volume ports, we offer inspection products and solutions where you need them most. AS&E products and solutions are at work at ports, borders, critical infrastructure and events, law enforcement and correctional facilities, military bases, airports, and other high-threat targets around the globe. Learn More

Cargo & Vehicle Inspection

With a proven track record and best-in-class technology, AS&E cargo systems are available in mobile, drive-through portal, or gantry configurations, including options for harsh environments, remote locations, and high-throughput systems for congested areas. It’s all to help you more effectively inspect cars, vans, trucks, and cargo containers for threats and contraband. Learn More

Parcel Inspection

The Gemini® line of parcel systems offers a powerful combination of technologies to help you quickly discover even the most elusive threats. Dual-energy transmission technology finds metal weapons, while Z Backscatter® technology provides enhanced explosive and drug detection. Together, they provide better detection than transmission-only systems. The NRC describes Gemini as the “agency standard” used throughout their various office buildings. Learn More

Managed Services

Improve security and increase customs revenue with little to no upfront cost. AS&E provides best-in-class, turn-key scanning operations, from capital funding and continuing through planning, construction, equipment supply and installation, staffing, and ongoing operations. Learn More

Software & Networking

Superior X-ray technology is only part of what sets AS&E apart. Our systems’ software, networking, and image processing technologies are just as essential for effective detection. Our solutions help expedite the analysis process, help you better manage your X-ray equipment and images, and network your systems together to maximize throughput and productivity. Learn More

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