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Drive Through

Sentry® Portal

You no longer have to choose between fast and thorough.

At crowded seaports, border crossings, and security checkpoints, high throughput is critical. So is high-quality imaging. The Sentry Portal system offers both—while ensuring safe drive-through operation with robust technology to avoid scanning the cab and driver.

This compact drive-through system utilizes high-energy transmission X-rays—capable of penetrating up to 300 mm (11.8 in) of steel—to detect hidden threats and contraband in cargo containers, tankers, and large vehicles. The Sentry Portal system scans containers at a rate of up to 200 trucks per hour.



  • Provides a high-energy and high-throughput means of scanning cargo containers without compromising image quality.
  • Features an advanced container-locating subsystem that begins imaging after the cab has passed to avoid scanning the driver.
  • Compact footprint and low radiation dose allows for installation in areas with space constraints.


  • CabScan Mode: Safely scan the cab of the truck, from front bumber to start of cargo
  • Z Portal system: Left, right, and top-down imaging for enhanced organic detection and imaging of the entire vehicle (including the cab). Top view assists with manifest verification; left and right sides extend field of view to include tires and gas tanks.
  • Integrated Container Code Recognition system
  • Integrated License Plate Reader system
  • Radiation portal monitor
  • ASE Connect networking


The technology behind the Sentry Portal relies on a high-energy X-ray source, allowing the beam to deeply penetrate dense objects, while minimizing the amount of scattered radiation. The subsystem "informs" the X-ray source when the leading edge of the container reaches the beam plane — after the cab with the driver has passed — and in milliseconds, the X-ray beam is switched on. The safety of the drivers and operators is maintained with a robust safety system and very low ambient radiation dose.

  • Radiation safe: Advanced container locating subsystem begins imaging after the cab has passed.
  • Extremely low scattered radiation dose to driver; less than 0.006 microSieverts (0.6 microRem) per scan.
  • Safe for operators and cargo alike, Sentry Portal falls well below the radiation safety requirements of NCRP/ICRP.


Sentry Portal delivers unsurpassed image quality with penetration up to 300 mm of steel.

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