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Drive Through

Sentry® Portal

You no longer have to choose between fast and thorough.

At crowded seaports, border crossings, and security checkpoints, high throughput is critical. So is high-quality imaging. The Sentry Portal system offers both—while ensuring safe drive-through operation with robust technology to avoid scanning the cab and driver.

This compact drive-through system utilizes high-energy transmission X-rays—capable of penetrating up to 300 mm (11.8 in) of steel—to detect hidden threats and contraband in cargo containers, tankers, and large vehicles. The Sentry Portal system scans containers at a rate of up to 200 trucks per hour.

For enhanced organic detection and imaging of the entire vehicle (including the cab), the Sentry Portal can be deployed along with the multi-view Z Portal system to detect drugs and explosives.

  • Provides a high-energy and high-throughput means of scanning cargo containers without compromising image quality.
  • Features an advanced container-locating subsystem that begins imaging after the cab has passed to avoid scanning the driver.
  • Compact footprint and low radiation dose allows for installation in areas with space constraints.


  • Penetration: 300 mm (11.8 inches) steel equivalent
  • Scan Speed: Drive-through imaging at speed of approximately 12 km/h (7.45 mph)
  • Throughput: Up to 200 trucks per hour
  • ASEInspection software with multiple image analysis tools


  • CabScan Mode: Safely scan the cab of the truck, from front bumber to start of cargo
  • Z Portal system: Left, right, and top-down imaging for enhanced organic detection and imaging of the entire vehicle (including the cab). Top view assists with manifest verification; left and right sides extend field of view to include tires and gas tanks.
  • Integrated Container Code Recognition system
  • Integrated License Plate Reader system
  • Radiation portal monitor
  • ASE Connect networking


The technology behind the Sentry Portal relies on a high-energy X-ray source, allowing the beam to deeply penetrate dense objects, while minimizing the amount of scattered radiation. The subsystem "informs" the X-ray source when the leading edge of the container reaches the beam plane — after the cab with the driver has passed — and in milliseconds, the X-ray beam is switched on. The safety of the drivers and operators is maintained with a robust safety system and very low ambient radiation dose.

  • Radiation safe: Advanced container locating subsystem begins imaging after the cab has passed.
  • Extremely low scattered radiation dose to driver; less than 0.006 microSieverts (0.6 microRem) per scan.
  • Safe for operators and cargo alike, Sentry Portal falls well below the radiation safety requirements of NCRP/ICRP.


Sentry Portal delivers unsurpassed image quality with penetration up to 300 mm of steel.

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