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Large Parcel & Breakbulk Cargo

Gemini® 100100

Detect the difference with the Gemini system.

When you’re securing high-threat facilities, mailrooms, and airports, you want to have the best technology available to screen breakbulk cargo and large packages for threats and contraband. In fact, the Governmental Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) describes Gemini as the “agency standard” used throughout their various office buildings.

The Gemini® 100100 system makes all the difference. With two technologies in one system, it easily detects metallic objects like knives and guns, but it also clearly reveals organic materials hidden in cluttered parcels—frequently missed in transmission-only systems.

Dual-energy transmission technology sees fine wires with excellent image resolution and patented Z Backscatter® technology provides more information about organics—even in small amounts. 

  • Two imaging systems in one machine provide improved detection over transmission-only systems.
  • Dual-energy transmission for detection of metal threats PLUS Z Backscatter for enhanced explosive and narcotics detection.
  • Potential to increase throughput with faster image interpretation, fewer opened bags.


  • Multi-technology system with dual-energy transmission and Z Backscatter technologies.
  • Wire Resolution: 40 AWG wire (typical, per AS&E test fixtures)
  • Steel Penetration: 34 mm (1.33 in) steel (typical, per AS&E test fixtures)
  • Footprint: Length: 420 cm (165.4 in), Width: 150 cm (59.0 in), Height: 203 cm (80 in)
  • Tunnel Size: Width: 105 cm (41.3 in), Height: 102.5 cm (40.3 in)
  • ASEInspection software with multiple-image analysis tools
  • User-friendly system with intuitive user interface and ergonomic operator's console


Multiple options available including:

  • Threat Image Projection (TIP)
  • Larger monitor sizes
  • Steel roller tables
  • Steel exit trays
  • Inclined conveyors
  • Color printer
  • Ergonomic mobile monitor and operator’s console cart


Ideally suited to inspect breakbulk cargo and large packages

Dual-energy shows a computer monitor; Z Backscatter exposes the 1.5 kg of explosives.

Features a tunnel size of 105 cm x 102.5 cm

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