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Software & Networking

For our superior X-ray technologies, we developed superior software and networking solutions. 

In 1958, AS&E began pioneering discoveries in X-ray technologies—and we’ve been at the forefront ever since.

No one knows better than AS&E that superior X-rays are only a small part of the picture. That’s why we’re also dedicated to providing the industry’s best image processing technologies, networking, and software-based training.


Available on all products, this software provides best-in-class image analysis tools for faster and clearer object interpretation. ASEInspection contains a suite of tools for analyzing images, and it is used for image storage and retrieval.


This flexible solution is designed to network all of our systems together. It allows your teams to maximize throughput and productivity through the centralized management of X-ray equipment, images, and associated data by a common software application. Learn More


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