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ASE Connect

Maximize productivity and throughput with ASE Connect.

ASE Connect is the networking solution for AS&E’s suite of X-ray inspection products. The solution provides a quick and easy way for your team to manage X-ray equipment, images, and data.

ASE Connect helps you maximize overall throughput by adding remote image analysis capabilities and speeding up communication between your personnel. ASE Connect also helps maximize productivity by allowing you to centrally manage inspections and operations with ASE Browser.

Best of all, ASE Connect is flexible enough to meet a variety of real-world scenarios and is scalable and customizable to meet your requirements.


ASE Connect features three main components:

  • ASE Viewer: Allows for networked image viewing and analysis from a desktop application at a secondary analysis station, remote analysis station or manual re-check station.
  • ASE Browser: Web-based application that allows for centralized monitoring and management of equipment typically at a supervisor station
  • ASE CIM: Provides a network connection, and includes the centralized inspection database and the software that implements business rules


  • Wireless: The Z Backscatter™ Van (ZBV) system may also be connected to ASE Connect wirelessly to enable full image analysis, archiving/central image storage, and centralized management of users and equipment.


A quick and easy way to manage X-ray equipment, images, and data

Maximize throughput and productivity with AS&E’s networking solution

Features three main components: ASE Viewer, ASE Browser, and ASE CIM

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