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AS&E is a world leader in X-ray inspection systems with a long tradition of innovation that continues today. We’re working to discover and develop the most advanced technology available in X-ray and other detection systems. Our long-term success in X-ray technology gives AS&E products an edge over standard X-ray inspection systems.

50 years of technological innovation. And we're just getting started.

  • AS&E’s systems use proven detection technology, including such technologies as Z Backscatter™, transmission, dual-energy and high-energy transmission X-rays.
  • All of our systems are safe, meet required radiation standards, and are designed with state-of-the-art safety features that protect operators, drivers, and the environment.


The most advanced, patented technologies in the industry. Get the inside look at Z Backscatter technology, pioneered and perfected by AS&E, and our advanced transmission X-ray technology.  Learn More

Research & Development

Our Science and Engineering teams are the innovation engine of AS&E. They develop solutions that fulfill customers’ critical needs, solve their unmet security problems, and improve product performance. Learn More


AS&E follows extraordinary safety procedures and rigorously adheres to standards designed to govern X-ray scanners for security applications. Learn More

Image Gallery

Inspect our images and see what you might be missing. Learn More

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