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Training Center

We'RE RIGHT where you need us for aLL of your training requirements

AS&E will make your training convenient and accessible with its training centers at its U.S. headquarters, in the Middle East, or at your site. 

state-of-the-art training facilities

AS&E's state-of-the-art training facilities at our U.S. headquarters features a full-range of technology and systems. Our Middle East Training Center is centrally located for ease of access from the African, European, and Asian continents, and features:

  • Modern computer-training classrooms allow for training on all current AS&E products
  • Video teleconferencing system allows virtual instruction from anywhere in the world
  • ZBV, Gemini, and Z Portal systems on-site

In addition, the AS&E training team travels the world, providing new and experienced operators and image analysts with the latest information and best practices from the field, utilizing industry-tested methods proven to provide outstanding results.

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